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January 27, 2015

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Just fresh off watching Stand By Me and figuring out more than what we already new – That the fat kid River Phoenix was nice to was Jerry O’Connell and the main character was Wesley Crusher from Star Trek Next Gen..

It’s time to talk about the next generation of record labels in the world. Stamina Records is partered up with Steve Thompson Productions to do things in a way unlike many others.

Things like including crowdfunding in your band’s marketing plan are not new but are often not included in record deals.


More to come… – @KRONiS – for more Join our Mailing List. Trust me on this one.

Do it here or on our About Page where you can also submit your material. We WILL LISTEN TO EVERYTHING SUBMITTED, but PLEASE put your best foot forward and think, “If someone sent this to me… what would I do? first, okay” – KRONiS

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Have you tried turning it off and on again? – The IT Crowd. My favorite comedy from the UK and Old Video Game Nerd-dom

January 28, 2015

‘Best Show Ever’ on Netflix – Comedy. Let’s not forget the ‘Best Drama’ would be Breaking Bad of course.

SO with the sight of Commodore PETs on IT Crowd I can’t resist segueing into this stuff… it just flows ya know? Like Eminem coming out as a homosexual in ‘The Interview’ movie.

Ever play JUMPAN or JUMPMAN JR.?


Here is the original Atari 400 version of the first level…atari-400-jumpman-junior

Did you know that on this Atari 400/800 version of Jumpman Junior that the 2nd level is called DUMBWAITER and has elevators, instead of ‘FIRE FIRE’.



I think this is the farthest my sister ever got!


There’s some really cool other levels too…try this game sometime, you Halo experts! betcha it’s not as easy as you may think.


Yeah.  So it is totally different and when I got the Commodore 64, it was like an entirely different game. It’s so interesting to me how there’s literally about 10-20 if (not many more but at least I that I saw growing up) different versions of Donkey Kong, out there compared to the original arcade version. Kids today don’t deal with these issues!

The early Atari 400/800


I took mine apart once and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to put it back together as I was about 10. Well I still have it and it still works! I just can’t connect it to anything without a huge pain in the ass.


No one had this system around other than myself growing up as it seemed that everyone had ColecoVision or Commodore Vic-20s.

Then we all went Commodore 64 and played games like Spy Hunter and Ghostbusters, which again were never anything like the arcade versions

I’m so happy that the Nintendo Wii is compatible with downloading games like Final Fantasy III and all the Super Mario Bros. series, but on top of that, we can also get the ACTUAL ARCADE versions of killer classics like “Ghost’s N’ Goblins”.

I’ve been stuck on level 7 it think with the dragon and other things for about 2 years now, but still  going strong! I recently downloaded Wonder Boy 2 – Monster Land – (Adventure Island was the ripoff Nintendo home version) and it is the exact same file that you would play in the arcade version (bravo Nintendo).

Younger kids today can play games at home, but as kids we all played the games in the arcades that were better than the home systems.

Take Capcom’s 1942 for example.




This game kicked so much ass in the arcade, but the home version just wasn’t the same. They always changed games too much from the arcade versions to the console, obviously because of graphics limitarions and abilities on home systems.

The Atari 400 had 16K of ram.

I just for once wanted the same ROM file, but didn’t know what that meant at the time and ROM emulators hadn’t been invented for another X years.

Here’s the ‘home version’


I feel this is where nintendo dropped the ball on us true gamers, without letting anyone ever really know.

1942-nintendo-2 1942-nintendo

We used to call it – B-52 bomber and it ate quarters (ask my friend Glen who’s about to have another baby – and time flies)  but man I got 125,000 the first time I played it. This was at a Ball Hockey tournament in Toronto Withrow Park, Canada.

Yeah. Try that on the home version first try. Its WAY slower and weird and different and the graphics always kinda sucked more at home.



Nintendo’s home version didn’t even come close. The commodore 64 version DID, but it was easier and played differently, meaning the tricks and skills weren’t even the same, but it was a nice try.


Just look how bad the Nintendo version looks:
I knew from the cover it would be different.

NES Ghosts'n'Goblins

crappy NES Version of Ghosts 'n Goblins

So I now have arcade version of 1942 on my Wii, as well as the original (thank god) Ghosts’n’Goblins and can use the Wii Mote with a ‘Classic’ controller (super nintendo style exactly, same feel).

I was happy to pay $5 in wiiware to not have to use a PC in ANY way – because KRONiS DOESN’T DO WINDOWS PEEPS.

thank you nintendo i love you.


With Lux! Kick ass drummer I like to sample when I play Cowboys from Hell by Pantera in Ableton

January 25, 2015

What another great day. whilst awaiting a chance to speak to Dave Mustaine, I recognized the drummer I practice Pantera to as Vinnie Paul never put the drums only track to that anywhere I could find it.

As ‘luck’ would have it… Lux did! here’s her track:

here’s the track with the song added:

(the one I DON’T use, lolz)

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